16 September, 2012

What I Watched Last Month…

What I watched last… 
March 2012

John Carter. (at the movies)
As I feared, this was disappointing.
Unsurprisingly, considering I've read the book, my biggest problem was the sweeping changes made to the story and characterisation, and the mind-boggling additional elements that in my opinion were not only unnecessary, but also contributed to complicating what is already quite a wide ranging story with a very large cast of characters.
There were some really great bits, but they were in low supply and quick to pass. It certainly looked good as far as production design goes and I honestly forgot for most of the time that the CG characters and other elements were in fact CG.
This should have been epic, raw, bold and savage, but we only got glimpses of that. The book was written by an untested amateur, while this movie was made by a seasoned professional, but I have to say the book was better.

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